About Me

I can be thrown into most situations and things turn out better than when I found them. (also a fan of pushing weird situations as far as I can take them).
I’m my happiest when I’m creating, teaching, and tasting. I get giddy at the idea of getting others excited about something new.
I’ve spent the better part of my 20s living in and travelling – drinking, eating and absorbing.
I live for the moments when I can make you something satisfying out of the last scraps left in your cupboard, fridge or bottle (especially at 4 o’clock in the morning).
I started this page to share some of the lessons and stories that I’ve grabbed along the way.
I believe in using food to make a healthier, environmentally sound world for all.

Blog/Media Work:

New Hamburg Independent
Snap Newmarket
The Intelligencer 
Stratford Beacon Herald 
Food Chains: Shocking Truth about the Food System
Designs to Avoid Food Waste
Slow Food Nova Scotia: St. Pierre & Miquelon – Creamy Seafood & Cod History